Date: April 12, 2016

Are you a business analyst or project manager struggling to fit in with an agile development team? Project Managers and Business Analysts have seen significant changes in their roles and they are not alone; many roles have evolved with the transition to Agile methods. It’s time to stop struggling to find where you fit it in software development and map out your personal strategy for career growth. This presentation will examine how roles are evolving in software development and will examine new opportunities.

Linda Cook, a recognized technology leader and Agile Transformation expert, is committed to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. With over twenty years of experience as an IT executive, Linda offers a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and vision which allows her to tackle the most complex organizational challenges.  She currently leads a Lean/Agile consulting practice for Project Cooks, LLC and is a member organization of ICAgile, delivering certified training.

For additional information visit: IIBA – Baltimore