Today when we become a member of a new team or attend a training event or meeting we are often asked to introduce ourselves giving our name, job, and something like where we live or our favorite pastime. This type of introduction rarely leaves an impact. There must be a better way.

Lego Introductions are a fun way to get to know one another. Everyone is asked to build a structure or form using Lego’s that represents him or her in some way. Once the structures are complete then each person takes a turn showing the others their creation while explaining what the structure represents about them.

You can choose to build any structure, it can resemble a person or person(s), a building, set a scene, or anything you can imagine. You can use any of the Lego bricks and forms to make your structure. Just remember that the structure should help you tell a story about yourself. You will be surprised what you learn about other and as important what you remember about them. You might forget a name but chance are the structure they created will be remain an imagine in your memory that is easier to recall than a conversation.

This simple activity can be used on existing teams or groups. It will be interesting to see what new insights your colleagues reveal about themselves.

Download a PDF.