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We are founded on a principle that has served our company and our clients well, we bring the best people into a working environment that helps foster a better work/life experience.

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We offer training and consulting services in agile software development.

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Linda Cook

Linda Cook, a recognized technology leader and Agile Transformation expert, is committed to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. With over 20 years of experience as an IT executive, Linda offers a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and vision that allows her to tackle the most complex organizational challenges. She currently leads a Lean/Agile consulting practice for Project Cooks, LLC.

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“Linda is one of the most capable people I have ever known. I was able to work alongside Linda while at PayPal, where she was critical in the Agile transformation process. With her guidance and enormous expertise, teams were able to implement Agile methodologies effectively. As a Scrum Master, I found and still find her advice and guidance to be extremely important.”
—Skipper Davies, CSM, PayPal


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